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In this space you can find five different experiments using API calls. An application programming interface (API) is a way for two or more computer programs to communicate with each other. It is a type of software interface, offering a service to other pieces of software. [1] What does it look and feel like to be online, but still bound to your individual surroundings? Calling an API enables to understand an ecology of servers, webs and their specificly situated enviroments.

I call this approach of re-entangling technology into the diverse networks of the living world feral computing, and servers which are freed from the farm, feral servers. [2]

You will see, that on most sites, you don't even have to interact, but let the softwares converse. (performance note: As this website was built for rather experimental purposes, you might use chrome or firefox for it's best experience.)

[1] [2] The project emerged out of a whorkshop by Katharina Nejdl with Klasse Digitale Grafik.
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